California Health Care Insurance: Why You Need Health Insurance

If you’re a resident here and care about your health, it’s wise to get California health insurance. Even though you feel healthy right now, sudden things can happen to change that in a split second. Protect yourself, so you aren’t left with a huge medical bill.

Why Health Insurance Matters

Accidents or unexpected illnesses do happen. We often walk through life unprepared for medical issues that come up. Even doctor’s visits for minor things can add up and deplete your salary. Obtaining health insurance not only covers doctor’s visits, but also surgeries or hospital stays.  

What Kind Should You Get?  

Many common plans are either for an individual or for a family. Health insurance is especially important if you have a family, since caring for children involves checkups or treating any condition that might affect them.

There are several types of insurance, so it’s a matter of choosing what works best for your budget. If you prefer to pay as each situation comes up, a fee-for-service might be a good option for you. With that choice, you visit a doctor of your choice, submit a claim, and the insurance company covers a percentage, while you pay the rest.

For example, the insurance company might pay 80 percent, while you pay 20 percent. Another popular style of health care is managed care. This is when you are paying a premium every month and can gain incentives for using the doctors recommended by the insurance provider. You pay very little in expenses, since your health care is pre-paid.

Self-Sustaining Health Care

California Health Care Insurance

If you have a reliable job, your employer likely has a health care option or benefits for their employees. Employers help you sign up with a provided insurance company, or they afford you funds to choose your own. How this plays out depends on your workplace and their human resource policies.

Choosing a Provider

Let us be your provider and get you the insurance that is best for you. At California Health Quote Insurance, we have connections to a number of underwriters, which means we always get the lowest rates for you. Lower rates allow you to afford what is important: taking care of your family, and yourself.

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On this page we have included some links to important information including a glossary of health insurance terms and the Health Care Insurance Buyers Guide.

Tips for Choosing the Best California Health Care Insurance

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